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Scuba dive out of the Rat-Race

  On just about any holiday these days if you are near the sea you will see scuba diving going on.  Indeed scuba has become one of the fastest growing sports and there is now a world shortage of qualified scuba diving instructors.  So let’s look at scuba diving as a career for a while. […]

The Geek shall inherit the Earth

Yes… I admit it… I’m a Geek. It does irk me however that this is used within conversation in a derogatory manner… right up until your Phone, Computer or Satellite TV stops working – then suddenly I’m your best friend, your saviour, your Bonne Amie. Here (in no particular order) are just a few of […]

Charity Fatigue

Charity fatigue – fact or fiction? Listen to any of the major charities here in the UK and they will tell you they have never been so short of money as they are now, and yet when ‘Children in Need’ was hosted by the BBC recently they actually raised more money than ever before. There […]

What mobile phone should I buy?

In the vast wilderness of the unending Inter-web, there are a seemingly immense number of websites that purport to know which new smart phone is the best for you, which phone is better than the next, and which is the latest and greatest new device for that you ‘simply can’t live without’. I am a […]

Hello world!

Welcome dear readers…. What is this all about then? Essentially this is a collective; a pool of everyday people that have a certain level of knowledge based on their life experiences, work, or roles in society, and want to impart some of their thoughts, ambitions, dreams or opinions with you all. So sit back, kick […]

Real People with Real Opinions