Art on the Dengie

Art on the Dengie

As we approach Summer (or at least the merest hint of it…), the annual Art Exhibitions are appearing at local community centres, country pubs and town halls. I’ve noticed that we have an abundance of talent in the Dengie (Essex marshes) region, and thought I would share a little with you. All three of these artists work was recently commended by HRH Prince Charles who observed it during a visit to the Purleigh Bell Public house, with him highlighting the skill and ability of each of the artists.

UPDATE: Take a look at for details about the June 2014 exhibition.

Vincent Basham



Sunset at South Woodham Ferrers
Oil on Canvas (36″ x 12″)

Vincent was born in the ancient borough port and market town of Maldon Essex, and has drawn inspiration from my early years spent living and working close to the jagged, splendor of England’s beautiful Essex and Cornish coasts. The relationship between the sea is inextricably linked to his work. His detailed seascapes and sunsets have also taken inspiration from his personal affection for the Maldives and Cyprus, and the canvases he produces are mainly in oil, although he has more recently begun experimentation with water colours.

Adrift Oil on Canvas

Framed Oil on Canvas

He is a vocational artist, who tries to make his work exude quality of intense drama; the crashing seas are almost audible and a hint of salty sea air presents itself as your mind is deceived by the work. In some of his other pieces the moods are softened, bringing the spectacle of sublime majesty in a blazing sun quenching itself in a subdued sea at day’s end.


Adrian White


Hylands Park Framed Acrylic on Canvas 85x60cm

Hylands Park
Framed Acrylic on Canvas

As a youngster he was, ”Captivated by the gloriously illustrated colour plates” in the educational comic ‘Look and Learn’ and the artistic talents of the likes of the Embleton brothers (Gerry and Ron), Don Lawrence and Graham Cotton.

A love of all things military nurtured by his grandfathers yarns of the trenches of the Great War, encouraged reading the graphic ‘war comics’ so prevelant in the sixties and seventies. He spent hours copying the covers of the American style comic books ‘Commando’ and ‘Battle’ and the art of Oliver Frey and Ian Kennedy.

Petrified Oaks Mundon Oil on Canvas

Petrified Oaks
Oil on Box Canvas

Leaving school after successfully completing his A levels (1974) he followed a career in the City on the London Metal Exchange. As a young clerk standing behind the ring, recording his dealers trades, he began drawing cartoons of the characters of the Exchange in the back of his clerking book. Many of whom ”did not require too much characterising,” he recalls! As his cartoons became popular and more sought after commissions emerged. This lead to published cartoons and illustrations for advertising and magazine articles (Financial Times and Metal Bulletin and other trade press). At this time nobody retired from a metal company without a framed caricature of themselves drawn and signed by ADA. The art always took a back seat as the day job became so demanding. During his young adulthood his art was purely recreational, the subject matter mainly portraying his love of the countryside and its wildlife.

Recently introduced to oil paints by his artist friend Vincent Basham, Adrian’s latest works are in that medium. Painting in his garden studio, warmed in the Winter months by a wood burning stove Adrian is currently developing a more modernist style whilst continuing to capture landscapes from the Dengie peninsular and the Lake District, Cumbria.


Janet Reid


Gypsy Horse Walking Watercolour

Gypsy Horse Walking


Janet Reid is an Artist, illustrator and art tutor who graduated from St. Martin’s School of Art London in 1970 with a BA (Hons)

Her previous exhibitions include; Beecroft Gallery, Southend – Quay Theatre, Sudbury – Chelmsford and Maldon Libraries – Four Hands Gallery, Ingatestone & The Barn Gallery, Hatfield Heath

The pursuit of observing, drawing and painting life around her, and the people she has encountered along the way, has been a constant source of delight and inspiration within her work. This is reflected in the manner in which she captures the working farm life in her watercolours.

Hen Party Watercolour

Hen Party

Janet works in many types of media; pencil, charcoal, watercolour and oil to name but a few, and always attempts to capture character, colour and movement.

Her work is currently available at Bury Picture Framers, Bury St Edmunds.

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