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The end is nigh for the plastic carrier bag

In the UK we consume over 13 billion plastic bags every year. That’s 36 million a day and an average use of 4 per person per week. Apart from being a dreadful waste of natural, non-renewable energy and other natural resources, plastic creates a serious threat to wildlife and represents one of the key contributors […]

Scuba dive out of the Rat-Race

  On just about any holiday these days if you are near the sea you will see scuba diving going on.  Indeed scuba has become one of the fastest growing sports and there is now a world shortage of qualified scuba diving instructors.  So let’s look at scuba diving as a career for a while. […]

The Geek shall inherit the Earth

Yes… I admit it… I’m a Geek. It does irk me however that this is used within conversation in a derogatory manner… right up until your Phone, Computer or Satellite TV stops working – then suddenly I’m your best friend, your saviour, your Bonne Amie. Here (in no particular order) are just a few of […]

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