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Art on the Dengie

Art on the Dengie As we approach Summer (or at least the merest hint of it…), the annual Art Exhibitions are appearing at local community centres, country pubs and town halls. I’ve noticed that we have an abundance of talent in the Dengie (Essex marshes) region, and thought I would share a little with you. […]

Get off the escalator, Ms Smith

This article was taken from the website, which also featured on Camra’s “Save your pint” website [link]  Open Letter to Chloe Smith MP, Economic Secretary to the Treasury. Dear Chloe Smith,   How many more pubs do you want to see close? I was prompted to ask the question following your intervention in a […]

The Queen’s Jubilee – 25 years later…

Life they say, is a terminal disease… I know it’s going to kill me one of these days! Why does everything seem to be so stress-related. Why do we spend an inordinate amount of time running around trying to complete pointless tasks in order to somehow complete our consumer-driven existentialist lifestyle. When I was a […]

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