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Original laces going for the races

- Sponsored Article -  You’re off to the races. What outfit do you wear and how will you stand out from the crowd? Ever considered coloured shoelaces to add an eye-catching finishing touch? How about coloured laces for the gentleman who dares to be different? They make the perfect gift. It’s often said; ‘you can […]

An introduction to Opera

1003! And just in Spain. Epic! Don Giovanni is one of a small handful of operas that on any given day I am prepared to pronounce my favourite opera. Note that I am not suggesting that it is the greatest opera ever written. Not even that it is Mozart’s greatest opera (most people would, I […]

Making a difference

The following article has been kindly provided by @MrsChains from her Blog ‘Avoiding the Mop’ here: [LINK] It shows what a difference Charity can make when properly done, and that perhaps we shouldn’t feel so apathetic about it… Ok, ok, so I’m a little behind on getting this post out. Forgive me. I’ve had life […]

Hello world!

Welcome dear readers…. What is this all about then? Essentially this is a collective; a pool of everyday people that have a certain level of knowledge based on their life experiences, work, or roles in society, and want to impart some of their thoughts, ambitions, dreams or opinions with you all. So sit back, kick […]

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