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Welcome dear readers….

What is this all about then?

Essentially this is a collective; a pool of everyday people that have a certain level of knowledge based on their life experiences, work, or roles in society, and want to impart some of their thoughts, ambitions, dreams or opinions with you all.

So sit back, kick off your shoes and dive into our idea of Broad Thinking.

Our writers are:-


Topics Covered: Technology + Editor of the Blog
Real World: CTO of a Telecommunications Software house in Chelmsford
Programmer, Geek, Musician, lover of all things technological.
“He who dies with the most toys wins!”

Topics Covered: Green, Ecology, Recycling
Real World: Board Director of a Recycled packaging company
Mentally youthful, grateful and always hopeful. One wife, one son, one cat and more than one idea!

Topics Covered: Sport, Pubs, Travel
Real World: Owner of a Web Design Company in Rochford
Runs marathons for fun, recently cycled West-to-East across UK, avid fan of Chelsea (even when they were rubbish!)

Topics Covered: Music, Sport, Food, Travel, Real-Ale
Real Word: Futures trader on the LME
Loves Led Zeppelin (saw them in 1969 and 2007!), Rugby & Real-Ale – A ‘proper’ bloke!

Topics Covered: Medical, NHS, Life in London
Real World: Doctor
Recently moved to North London, enjoys good food, overworked by the NHS

Topics Covered: Medicine, Pharmaceutical Companies, Travel
Real World: Something to do with blood….
Has traveled all over the World to the most obscure destinations (South Pole!), lives in Essex but is not TOWIE!

Topics Covered: Sport
Real World: MD of a Telecoms Solution Provider
Avid Football Fan, Lives near Bristol, used to work in Wales, owns a classic Porsche

Topics Covered: Exotic Travel, Charity
Real World: Owner of an SEO company.
Loves Scuba Diving, Lives in Essex, Parties in Puerto Galera, expert in Greek Brandy

Real People with Real Opinions