Meet the Team


Topics Covered: Technology + Editor of the Blog
Real World: CTO of a Telecommunications Software house in Chelmsford
Programmer, Geek, Musician, lover of all things technological.
“He who dies with the most toys wins!”
Twitter @PMcGuinness CommsBlog News


Topics Covered: Green, Ecology, Recycling
Real World: Board Director of a Recycled packaging company
Mentally youthful, grateful and always hopeful. One wife, one son, one cat and more than one idea!
Twitter @portabud


Topics Covered: Exotic Travel, Charity
Real World: Owner of an SEO company.
Loves Scuba Diving, Lives in Essex, Parties in Puerto Galera, expert in Greek Brandy


Topics Covered: Sport, Pubs, Travel
Real World: Owner of a Web Design Company in Rochford
Runs marathons for fun, recently cycled West-to-East across UK, avid fan of Chelsea (even when they were rubbish!)


Topics Covered: Music, Sport, Food, Travel, Real-Ale
Real Word: Futures trader on the LME
Loves Led Zeppelin (saw them in 1969 and 2007!), Rugby & Real-Ale – A ‘proper’ bloke!


Topics Covered: Medical, NHS, Life in London
Real World: Doctor
Recently moved to North London, enjoys good food, overworked by the NHS


Topics Covered: Medicine, Pharmaceutical Companies, Travel
Real World: Something to do with blood….
Has traveled all over the World to the most obscure destinations (South Pole!), lives in Essex but is not TOWIE!


Topics Covered: Sport
Real World: MD of a Telecoms Solution Provider
Avid Football Fan, Lives near Bristol, used to work in Wales, owns a classic Porsche



  • http://Lotsofthem Terry

    Am I not now one of the team ?

    • Paul

      You are now ;o) – I’ve updated the Team page.

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