Scuba dive out of the Rat-Race


On just about any holiday these days if you are near the sea you will see scuba diving going on.  Indeed scuba has become one of the fastest growing sports and there is now a world shortage of qualified scuba diving instructors.  So let’s look at scuba diving as a career for a while.

It is certainly a five star way of getting out of the rat race that most of us find ourselves in to earn a living.  Once qualified an instructor can pick and choose where in the world to work and instead of the 6:43 train to London each morning you will more likely be making your way to work along a tropical beach.

So, how to become an Instructor and what about the pay?

Becoming qualified with PADI is likely to take you around a year during which time you will be paying for the diving you do and this is likely to cost you in the order of around £7,000 over the year.  Fortunately scuba usually happens at beach holiday resorts and it is very common for people learning to get themselves part time jobs within the resort to at least cover their living expenses.
The training you receive in order to become a PADI Instructor is rigorous because although scuba-diving is very safe we must never forget that under water you are in a foreign environment and that mistakes can harm us here and bad mistakes can kill.

I keep saying PADI training and instructors for a good reason.  Yes there are other professional divers association giving certification but none are recognized all over the world as PADI is. So if you are going to get a diving qualification then it pays to get it with a professional body recognized the world over. See what PADI say about diving as a career -> [link]

Jumping forward let us assume you have qualified and that you now make your living by training others to various levels of diving and taking tourists and holiday makers on dive trips.

What kind of money can you expect to make?  

Whilst pay scales vary round the world it would be safe to say that at the beginning of your career you are not going to make a lot of money but you will earn enough to live somewhere nice and you will usually run out of month before you run out of money.

It is usual for a dive Instructor to spend a few years working for a resort dive school before branching out and opening your own dive centre somewhere and starting to earn some serious money.

I have been a scuba diver for more than twenty years now and am something of a silver surfer but if I were twenty or thirty again I would do some serious investigation of a career change and go to work somewhere on a tropical island like this -> [link]


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