Should we have 2/3 Pint Glasses

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A little background… As a follower of Tom Stainer (@WBandBEER), the Editor of the CAMRA magazine (Campaign for Real Ale), I saw a tweet where he questioned “2/3 Pint Glasses, ‘For’ and ‘Against’ arguments please?”

What follows is my ‘For’ argument that was published in the Spring 2012 edition of BEER.


Pint of Real Ale

A typical Pint of Real Ale... Yummy!

As the diversity of Real and Cask Ale seemingly increases on a weekly basis, humble purveyors of the elusive ‘perfect pint’ find themselves sampling all that the local hostelries have to offer.

Unfortunately this is where the problem lies, and not just for those who like to try all the latest and greatest from across these fair Isles, but even for the humble drinker wishing to enjoy decent ale on his way home.

Due to the varying percentage of alcohol in these wonderful libations, and the fairly strict driving laws in the UK, we are every in danger of accidentally exceeding the legal limit. Where it might be safe to enjoy two pints of a standard IPA over an evening of socialising, the same of volume from another brewer may tip the balance and leave our humble traveler in danger of his liberty and livelihood.

The introduction of the 2/3 Pint glass would obviate this by allowing our driver to enjoy his liquid refreshment, safe in the knowledge that he is within the law, whilst avoiding that pariah that is ‘the half-pint glass’. What evil spawn of the Imperial Measures department of Government felt that it should bear the same style as a full pint glass? In the hands of a grown man it takes you back to school days, where you almost expect a little straw to accompany it in the same manner as those 1/2 pint bottles of Milk that the Iron Lady felt we no longer needed.

The 2/3 pint glass would at least let you feel you were still enjoying a decent drink, without the stigma.


On another note: George Osborne is taking a 1/3 of the price of your pint in Tax! Sign the ePetition here to change that -> [Link]


This article was written by Paul (@PMcGuinness), who as well as being a CTO and enjoying Real Ale, runs a Tech Blog called CommsBlog

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