What mobile phone should I buy?

In the vast wilderness of the unending Inter-web, there are a seemingly immense number of websites that purport to know which new smart phone is the best for you, which phone is better than the next, and which is the latest and greatest new device for that you ‘simply can’t live without’.

I am a modern day man of Technology. I love gadgets…. I mean I *really* love them. But this is of course always an emotive subject – generally falling into the ‘iPhone’ and ‘Android’ fan-boy’s camps, so let me entertain you, beguile you, and other push my (slightly educated) opinions onto you regarding these communications devices.

The ‘Geek’ or Gadget Man – He has every Internet-ready device you can imagine, even his kettle has an IP Address
Android is a must. You want open architecture, integration with all you other gadgets and you hate Apple on principle. Your choice has got to be the Samsung Galaxy Nexus or Samsung Galaxy S III. These phones have dual and quad processors with more memory and storage than your 4 year-old laptop. These phones will transmit pictures and videos to your TV, let you keep all your aggregated Social Network Statuses (SNS) up to date, and take high-quality pictures which are actively backed-up into the ‘Cloud’

Pros: Larger Screen, Apps are generally free, Battery life 2+ days, Uses standard USB cables, Google’s ‘Cloud’ can be accessed by any device, and you don’t pay for it at all.
Cons: Smaller selection of Apps (although growing daily), You have to like a larger phone.

Metro man – Loves ‘Apple’, ‘Sony’ and the ‘Audi TT’ – is convinced that BluRay is a massive improvement over DVD. Reads the Guardian.
Apple iPhone is the phone for you. Your choice is to get an iPhone 4S or wait till September to see what the iPhone 5 might look like. But remember… these phones are tricky to unlock so get it at Carphone Warehouse as their phones are generally unlocked to start with and save yourself a packet when you hand it down to the kids next year.

Pros: Huge App base, Stylish Design, Lots of Apple-compatible accessories available.
Cons: Poor battery performance, smaller screen (compared to other smart-phones), expensive accessories,  prone to cracked screens or rear cases due to the design married to clumsy fingers, and you will blend in with the rest of the sheep.

Silver-surfers – You’re retired but warm-blood-still-runs-through-these-veins, You like Sky Atlantic and owned a Motorola Startac in the 90′s
Although you’re more tech-savvie than your middle-aged kids, you’re no spring-chicken, and too many menus just annoy you. Unless you were an early adopter of Android, an iPhone would be the choice for you as it simply works out of the box and has no complicated settings (or alternative email addresses required)

Pros: The Derby and Jones crowd will be impressed, and it’ll look good with the Mercedes on the drive.
Cons: Watch out for the hoodies trying to snatch it off you at Lakeside.

The Teenager – Hates you, hates the world, but must stay in contact with  everyone in it for at least 23 out of every 24 hours by text messaging.
If they haven’t already blagged your iPhone 3S, then Blackberry Torch is the way to go. Unlimited BB messenger between friends and you can get a nice cheap deal at Tesco.

Pros: Free messaging, Qwerty Keyboard
Cons: Limited Apps, small screen, keyboard designed for gnomes (with extra tiny hands)

The Younger Child – They don’t need a smart phone, but your paranoia means you’ll give them one anyway
Don’t get them a cool smart phone that looks nice. Give them an old battered Nokia 6110 with a fixed dialing list (Home, School, Nan etc) on PAYG. The battery on these will last days, and it can live in their school-bag for emergencies only.

Pros: Cheap.
Cons: They will soon want your iPhone.



This article was written by Paul, who as well as being a CTO, runs a Tech Blog called CommsBlog

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